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Katy Perry at the Super Bowl, Wow you did a great job ! Flying through the air and taming the lion, you go girl. Missy Elliot also at the Super Bowl, who said  "you can't eat the cake"?

So what's next Katy? swimming with the dolphins? Maybe space shuttle to the moon ? What ever it is I'm sure it will be awesome!

Dancewear 2015; check out my reviews on dancewear 2015 on my youtube channel. I hope you will love it!

Who Loves Chocolate? I do. If you Love Chocolate then you need to check out my latest video Chocolate Cake.

Does anybody knows that I have a song on Pandora ? My music Summer Nites is on Pandora

Does anybody have a joke ? if you do and I like it I will post it on my blog. Sent to me at yalimovement@gmail.com

Anybody has a good nail polish? I need a new color but I can't find a polish that I like. 

Send me your topics you want to talk about at yalimovement@gmail.com.

Love you all and talk to you later.

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